Saturday, November 24, 2012

Make. Believe. Not Sony

Days and days and days and days............................i can keep on mumbling the same thing for hours. Hours to me is like seconds right now, especially when your going all out to do things that you are said to out of the capabilities. Well, at least its my choice of doing things im not capable of.

    Think about it, we live in a world where people regularly try to keep track on their own capability just like login fb everyday. Whenever making decision or doing something, you never stop comparison, even though deep inside you, you know its purely analytic not even synthesizing anything . In the process, they belittle not only themselves but also those around them. Then, there are the 2nd type of person that are aware of their own capabilities but over obsessed with their pride. Whenever he or she answered questions, there is always this universal style of answering: belittle everybody around her, but in truth we all know she only belittle herself even more.

    Im amazed at myself on the fact i can make it till today while living in the world that clings solely on the "interpretation" and the "common sense" of "capability". At least that prove to me one thing, not a single living entity in this world can stop you from choosing to live. It's exciting to do things people think you usually can't, at least when we are still young!

    I don't love to do things because of not believing myself, nor doing nothing while believing in something. I try not to make believe. I make, I believe.

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